Vibroacoustic Therapy

Immersive Listening Experience

Find Your Harmony through inHarmony

The inHarmony collection of products use a patented system of tech-assisted sound and vibration therapies to quickly and comfortably put users into a deeply relaxed state. The combination of vibro-tactile stimulation and vibro-acoustic technology is the most powerful on the market.

inHarmony Meditation Cushion

The inHarmony Meditation Cushion is perfect for personal use and travel. It helps you meditate deeper and relieve stress and anxiety quickly.


inHarmony Sound Lounge

The inHarmony Sound Lounge instantly soothes your busy mind and relaxes your entire body using sound frequencies. Four tactile transducers, two amplifiers, Sennheiser HD noise reduction headphones, and concert-quality cables are used to deliver powerful sound to your ears and body, making you feel amazing!


inHarmony Practitioner

The inHarmony Practitioner was designed specifically to augment bodywork and hands-on modalities with vibration therapy. It creates a deeply centering mind-body experience using vibro-tactile stimulation and vibroacoustic sound.