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    The Benefits of Golden Designs Sauna for Your Health and Wellbeing

    Welcome to the world of Golden Designs Sauna, where health, relaxation, and luxury coalesce into an unparalleled experience. In this journey, we will explore the numerous health benefits, innovative features, and customizable options offered by Golden Designs, making their saunas the epitome of wellbeing.

    Short Summary

    • Experience the therapeutic and health benefits of Golden Designs’ infrared saunas.

    • Industry leader in infrared sauna technology with innovative heating panels, ultra low EMF standards, & distinctive series.

    • Comprehensive protection provided by 5 year limited warranty for all products plus additional features to enhance your experience.

    Experience the Advantages of Infrared Saunas

    Imagine stepping into a warm, soothing space where your body and mind can relax and rejuvenate. Infrared saunas, particularly Golden Designs Saunas, offer exactly that. Unlike traditional saunas, which utilize hot air, infrared saunas use infrared light to heat the body directly. These saunas are not only safe, but have been reported to provide a myriad of health benefits, such as pain relief, detoxification, improved cardiovascular health, and enhanced skin conditions.

    Golden Designs has mastered the art of infrared sauna technology, utilizing low EMF infrared technology and incorporating various features for a more effective and comfortable sauna experience, including their spectrum infrared sauna. Research has shown that infrared saunas can improve heart health, relieve sore muscles, alleviate pain, promote relaxation, improve sleep, and boost the immune system. The heat generated by infrared saunas penetrates more deeply into the body, resulting in a more intense sweat and detoxification process.

    Golden Designs: A Leader in Infrared Sauna Technology

    Golden Designs stands out as an industry leader, known for its innovative heating panels and ultra-low EMF standards in sauna technology. With the use of PureTechTM Ultra Low EMF FAR infrared heating panels, Golden Designs ensures that their saunas provide near zero EMF levels, prioritizing safety without compromising on the health benefits of infrared saunas.

    One of Golden Designs’ dynamic saunas, the “Catalonia” Infrared Sauna, is an 8-person, wheelchair-accessible sauna that can also be converted into a yoga studio by removing the benches. Constructed with eco-friendly, reforested Canadian Hemlock wood, this sauna is designed to deliver heat therapy effectively and efficiently, making it an excellent choice for those who want a versatile and stylish sauna experience.

    Innovative Heating Panels

    Golden Designs Saunas employ FAR infrared technology for heating, providing a relaxing and rejuvenating experience in a far infrared sauna. The energy-efficient FAR infrared heating panels are larger in size compared to ceramic tubes, allowing for deeper penetration into the skin and maximum benefits. These panels are designed to retain heat effectively, further enhancing the sauna experience.

    In addition to the innovative heating panels, some Golden Designs saunas, like the GDI Series, offer unique features such as the Himalayan salt bar for added therapeutic benefits. With these advanced heating panels and features, Golden Designs continues to raise the bar in sauna technology, ensuring that you receive the best possible experience.

    Ultra Low EMF Standards

    EMF, or electromagnetic field, is an important consideration when it comes to infrared saunas, as excessive exposure can potentially be harmful. Golden Designs Saunas prioritize safety by incorporating ultra-low EMF levels into their products, ensuring that your sauna experience is not only enjoyable but also safe.

    The PureTechTM Ultra Low EMF technology utilized by Golden Designs provides heat therapy with FAR infrared wavelengths while adhering to an ultra-low EMF standard. This commitment to safety, combined with the numerous health benefits, makes Golden Designs Saunas an excellent choice for those who value both wellbeing and peace of mind.

    The Distinctive Series of Golden Designs Saunas

    Golden Designs offers a diverse range of golden design saunas, each designed to cater to different preferences and needs. These distinctive series include the Transform series, Dynamic series, Monaco Elite series, and Studio series, each providing its own unique features and benefits for an indulgent sauna experience.

    From the elegant design and ample interior space of the Maxxus Series to the versatile installation options and stylish Canadian Hemlock wood construction of the Dynamic Series, there is a sauna to suit everyone’s tastes and requirements.

    For those who crave a luxurious home spa experience, the GDI Series boasts advanced features such as Himalayan salt bars and ambient lighting.

    Maxxus Series: Elegance and Comfort

    The Maxxus Series from Golden Designs is a sophisticated line of saunas that exude elegance and comfort. With generous interiors and near zero EMF levels, the Maxxus Series ensures a tranquil and serene experience that can easily blend with the other furniture in your home.

    In addition to its elegant design, the Maxxus Series boasts detailed trim moldings, a sloping floor panel, a roof overhang, enlarged interior color lighting, and a radio with Bluetooth capability, among other features. With the Maxxus Series, you can enjoy serenity and relaxation in style.

    Dynamic Series: Versatility and Style

    The Dynamic Series offers a range of installation possibilities and is crafted with Canadian Hemlock wood for a stylish look. From the wheelchair-accessible Catalonia Edition sauna, which can be converted into a hot yoga/stretching studio, to the La Sagrada 6-Person Infrared Sauna, designed to offer a tranquil experience from the convenience of your home, the Dynamic Series caters to various needs and preferences.

    Not only are these saunas versatile and stylish, but they have also been known to ease joint pain and stiffness, strengthen the cardiovascular system, relieve muscle pain, and increase flexibility, making them an excellent choice for those seeking both style and wellbeing.

    GDI Series: Advanced Features for a Luxurious Experience

    For those who crave a luxurious home spa experience, the GDI Series from Golden Designs offers just that. With advanced features such as Himalayan salt bars and adjustable ambient lighting, the GDI Series provides an enhanced and indulgent sauna experience.

    The Himalayan salt bars, made of natural Himalayan salt, are renowned for their healing properties, providing a relaxing and therapeutic experience. The adjustable ambient lighting allows users to customize the intensity and hue of the light to meet their preferences, creating a soothing atmosphere that elevates the overall sauna experience.

    Customization and Installation Options

    Golden Designs understands that each individual has unique preferences and needs, which is why they provide a range of customization options for their saunas, including size, wood type, and additional features. With these options, you can create a sauna that perfectly aligns with your style and requirements.

    When it comes to installation, it is advised to refer to the user manual or contact Golden Designs for further guidance. With their assistance, you can ensure that your sauna is installed correctly and safely, allowing you to enjoy the numerous benefits of your Golden Designs sauna with peace of mind.

    Maintenance and Cleaning Made Simple

    Golden Designs Saunas are designed for easy maintenance and cleaning, requiring no hot rocks, water, or steam. A damp cloth is all that is needed for wiping down the interior of the sauna, making upkeep a breeze.

    It is recommended to do a light cleaning after every use and a more thorough cleaning every two weeks. Wiping down the interior of the sauna is essential to protect the wood panels from moisture damage, ensuring the longevity of your sauna. If mold forms, using a manufacturer-recommended sauna cleaner can effectively remove it.

    Additionally, taking two dry, clean towels inside the sauna, one to sit on and the other to wipe away perspiration, is advised for optimal hygiene.

    Safety and Warranty Information

    As we’ve seen, infrared rays are not only safe, but also beneficial for our health and wellbeing. They are frequently used in saunas to help relax the body and reduce stress, providing numerous health advantages without any safety concerns.

    With Golden Designs, you can also enjoy peace of mind knowing that their saunas come with a limited lifetime warranty. This warranty covers 5 years on heating elements and electronics from the date of purchase, and the wood structure and radio are covered for 1 year.

    For additional information, please visit the website where Golden Designs produces more details about the warranty and coverage.

    Infrared Rays: Safe and Beneficial

    Infrared rays are an invisible form of electromagnetic radiation that is part of the sun’s natural energy spectrum. These rays have a variety of applications, including medical treatments and saunas, and are completely safe for use.

    Research has indicated that infrared rays may provide numerous health benefits, such as alleviating pain, decreasing inflammation, increasing blood flow, and aiding in the healing of injured tissues. With these advantages, it’s clear that infrared rays are not only safe, but also beneficial for our bodies.

    Golden Designs Warranty

    Golden Designs provides a 5-year limited warranty for all sauna products. This covers any defects in the material, workmanship of the wood, structure, heating elements, and electronics. Furthermore, appliances included in their saunas have a 1-5 year warranty, ensuring that you are covered and protected in case of any issues.

    For more information on the warranty and coverage provided by Golden Designs, please visit their website at, where you can find all the details about the warranty and register your sauna product.

    Enhance Your Sauna Experience with Additional Features

    To further elevate your sauna experience, Golden Designs offers additional features such as Chromotherapy Lighting, Bluetooth capability, and convertible yoga studios. These enhancements allow you to customize your sauna to suit your preferences and create a truly personalized relaxation space.

    Chromotherapy lighting uses various colors of light to encourage relaxation and healing, while Bluetooth capability enables you to stream music or other audio through the sauna’s speakers, creating the perfect ambiance. Convertible yoga studios can be created by removing the benches in certain saunas, allowing for hot yoga or stretching sessions for up to two adults.

    With these additional features, your Golden Designs sauna becomes more than just a sauna; it becomes a sanctuary of wellbeing.


    In conclusion, Golden Designs Saunas offer a unique fusion of health, relaxation, and luxury. With innovative infrared technology, ultra-low EMF standards, and a range of distinct series to cater to various preferences and needs, Golden Designs Saunas provide an unparalleled experience. Enhance your wellbeing and transform your home into a sanctuary of serenity with a Golden Designs sauna.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Where are Golden Design saunas made?

    Golden Design saunas are proudly made in our 100,000 square foot facility in Ontario, California, USA, with over 8,000 saunas in stock.

    Do infrared saunas use a lot of electricity?

    Infrared saunas use a significant amount of electricity, similar to that used by an appliance such as a dishwasher or dryer.

    Is infrared sauna the same as red light therapy?

    No, infrared sauna and red light therapy are not the same. Red light therapy uses lower-energy infrared light, while infrared saunas use higher-energy infrared light.

    What are the main health benefits of using Golden Designs Infrared Saunas?

    Golden Designs Infrared Saunas offer numerous health benefits, including pain relief, improved cardiovascular health, detoxification and enhanced skin conditions.

    These benefits are backed by scientific research and have been proven to be effective in improving overall health and wellbeing.

    Infrared saunas are a great way to relax and unwind after a long day.

    What materials are used to construct Golden Designs saunas?

    Golden Designs saunas are built with reforested Canadian Hemlock and Red Cedar woods, offering a sustainable and environmentally-friendly option.

    These woods are known for their durability and resistance to rot and decay, making them an ideal choice for saunas. They also provide a natural, rustic look that adds to the aesthetic of any home.

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