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    3 products

     Take your Pilates workout to the next level with the Elevate Row™. This innovative piece of equipment combines the best of the reformer and the rower, giving you a total-body workout that will leave you feeling strong and flexible. This version is foldable!

    The Total Gym ELEVATE Row is the only rower that not only provides the cardio benefit of a standard rower, but, for the first time, allows a user to utilize varying percentages of bodyweight for a full-body, strength workout - At. The. Same. Time!

    Adjustable incline body resistance integrates strength with cardio. Smooth consistent load through concentric and eccentric phases. Built for multi-planar movement. Low impact compression on the joints.

    An ingeniously unique rower that emulates a rowing movement pattern using adjustable
    bodyweight resistance, the ELEVATE Adjustable Row™ produces a full body workout,
    integrating a strength component into a fully adjustable cardio machine.

    The ELEVATE Adjustable Row™ targets all the muscles groups simultaneously and enables a smooth consistent load through the entire range of motion, due to loaded concentric and eccentric phases of the exercise.

    Upgrade on previous design: user can choose between seven levels of resistance which uses a percentage of bodyweight. Note that this version does not fold.

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