Best Pilates Reformers for Taller People

9 products

    9 products

    Pilates reformers offer an intense workout that focuses on strengthening and lengthening muscles through small movements with elastic resistance bands.

    However, if you are taller than 6’2″, finding a Pilates reformer that fits your height can be quite the challenge. Investing in a Pilates reformer for taller people is an excellent way to ensure that your workouts are tailored just for you.

    Luckily, we've found some of the best options for tall people who want to do Pilates at home. With up to 69” of platform travel space, these machines can accommodate any person who needs more vertical space.

    Getting a Pilates reformer itself is also valuable because it allows you to do many different exercises without having to use multiple machines. So no matter what your goals are or how tall are you - these Pilates reformers will likely offer something to you!

    Should I adjust the carriage when doing the Long Stretch on Pilates?

    Yes, it is appropriate to move the stopper when doing Long Stretch, especially if you are taller than usual. This is because you need to even the playing field because a short person doing Long Stretch has an advantage as it's easier for them to get to the stopper.

    However, keep in mind to not make it too easy as Long Stretch is supposed to be a challenging exercise.

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