Advanced Pilates Exercises You Can Try On a Reformer, Cadillac or Chair

Advanced Pilates Exercises You Can Try On a Reformer, Cadillac or Chair

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The journey through Pilates is an ever-evolving tapestry of challenge, growth, and mastery. As practitioners progress, the allure of advanced exercises beckons, promising amplified results and refined skill sets. Whether you're utilizing the Reformer, Cadillac, or Chair, here's an exposition on some riveting advanced exercises to elevate your Pilates experience.

Reformer: The Advanced Landscape

The Reformer's sliding carriage and resistance springs make it a bedrock for challenging exercises. Here are two standout movements:

1. The Snake

Objective: Core engagement, oblique strengthening, and lateral flexion of the spine.


  • Start in a plank position with hands on the carriage footbar and feet on the shoulder rests.
  • Push the carriage out as you twist and bend sideways, creating a 'snake-like' curve with the spine.
  • Return to the starting position with control.

2. The Overhead

Objective: Enhance shoulder stability, abdominal engagement, and spine articulation.


  • Lie supine with arms overhead and feet on the footbar.
  • Press legs out while lifting the pelvis and simultaneously bringing the arms towards the ceiling and then down by your sides.
  • Articulate the spine down as arms reach overhead again.

Cadillac: The Elite Frontier

The Cadillac, with its raised platform and varied attachments, provides a spectrum of advanced possibilities.

1. The Hanging Pull-Ups

Objective: Strengthen the upper body, particularly the lats and triceps.


  • Grasp the horizontal bars overhead, letting your body hang beneath the Cadillac.
  • Pull yourself up by bending the elbows, drawing the shoulder blades together.
  • Lower with control.

2. The Bicycle in the Air

Objective: Leg articulation, hip mobility, and core strength.


  • Lie supine and hook your legs over the horizontal bar above.
  • Simulate a 'bicycle' motion in the air, challenging your hip mobility and core stability.

Chair: The Pinnacle of Precision

The Pilates Chair, with its compact design and pedal mechanism, is a powerhouse for advanced moves.

1. The Tendon Stretch

Objective: Strengthen the lower body and challenge balance and stability.


  • Stand on the chair pedal with one foot while the other foot is on the chair's base.
  • Push the pedal down without touching the ground and return with control, all while maintaining balance.

2. The Handstand

Objective: Enhance shoulder strength, core stability, and balance.


  • With hands on the chair's base, kick one leg up followed by the other into a handstand position.
  • The feet can rest on the chair's back or extend up towards the ceiling. Control is key when returning to the start.

Wrapping It Up

Pilates, in its advanced form, is a testament to the body's potential and the power of persistence. Whether maneuvering the springs of the Reformer, leveraging the Cadillac's structure, or balancing atop the Chair, each exercise is a dance of precision, strength, and grace. As always, seek guidance from seasoned instructors and listen to your body, ensuring that each advanced endeavor is both safe and transformative.

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